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Polygon Block Chain - Near Zero Minting 

Delayed Reveal Upon Sold Out Collection 

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A comical and colourful collection of 10,000 randomly generated, unique NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.  

Over 150 traits.

10 Legendary 1/1


Inspired by a real life Bubba, this collection will help raise funds for animal rescue groups in Mexico.


30% of the primary minting profits and 50% of secondary royalties will be donated towards rescue, free spay & neuter clinics, veterinary care, rehabilitation, shelter, adoption programs, education and community animal support efforts.

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Toothy, goofy and loveable, Bubbas are hanging out on the blockchain doing what German Shepherds do, having fun and getting into mischief!

In the future, these crazy Bubbas are going to create an NFT collection using a rare form of artwork medium beyond traditional methods. They are keeping it a secret right now but you will just have to trust us on this one. Each holder will be granted exclusive access to the presale of the new collection and 30% of the minting profits will again go to animal rescue.

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August 2022

Website developement

September 2022

Social Media

Launch Website

Survey rescue groups & develop donation plan

December 2022

NFT Drop

Commence donation plan

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Jan - July 2022

Concept & completion of artwork

September 2022

Announce NFT Drop &


January 2023

Commence design &

development of new NFT collection with membership presale access

Donation Plan


Animal neglect, homelessness and suffering is largely due to overpopulation. In Mexico the numbers are staggering (in the millions) and the constant message we have received is "we cannot rescue our way out of this." Frequent and ongoing spay & neuter clinics are critical and therefore a large portion of our focus will be on organizations that support, organize and/or host these services.

For every 588 NFTs sold, we will donate 30% of the minting profits to a different animal rescue/spay/neuter organization. Donations will be made in the following order:


San Pancho Animales, Nayarit

A Dog's New Life - Nayarit

Friends of Animals - Guanajuato

Granos de Arena - Campeche

Sayulitanimals - Nayarit

Peace Angels -  Jalisco

Snip Sisters - Oaxaca

Sos el Arca - Quintana Roo

Paws in Action - Quintana Roo

Saving Baja Paws - Baja California

Adopciones Furry Friends - Guanajuato

Tails of Mexico - Jalisco

Asociación Protectora de Animales de Cuenavaca - Morelos

Mazatlan Animal Rescue - Sinaloa

Refugio Ramos - Jalisco

Sula Society - Jalisco

Dogs of Puerto Angel - Oaxaca

There are many more rescues that need help. Please help make our collection a success so we can continue this work.

Follow us and join our Discord.

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Why buy a Bubba?

Buy a Bubba or don't, it's entirely up to you. It's happy & fun. It's only 35 MATIC and yes, you will be saving furry lives if you do. Holders will also have exclusive access to the presale of the next collection.

What will you do with the remaining funds?

After donations have been made, we are going to pay our bills and expenses from creating the Bubba collection. The remaining funds will then go towards purchasing the equipment needed to produce the next, very unique NFT collection with 30% of the minting profits again donated to animal rescue. We are hoping this next NFT collection will be considered very rare based on the artwork medium used but as always, the NFT community will decide. Each Bubba holder will have exclusive access to the presale.


What can I do with my Bubba?

Anything you want. We relinquish all rights of each individual Bubba to the owner.

What happens after the collection is sold out and donations have been made?

We will continue with social media and updates. Our goal is to have this collection lead into and remain a part of the next collection continuing our support for animal rescue.  

What is Bubba's favourite food?

His absolute favourite is barbecued steak. Bubba's papa is a charcoal wizard!

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